Whether music, fashion or food, the best trends never seem to take long to cross the pond. So when I read about the early morning queues for New York’s cronuts, I restrained myself from booking a flight to try one.

Sure enough, within weeks of Dominique Ansel’s croissant and donut combination becoming the baked good craze of 2013, London had its very own incarnation. Whilst New Yorkers waited in line from 5:30 am for the rationed batch of 200 cronuts per day, Londoners hurried to book a 11am Sunday brunch table for Duck & Waffle’s dosant.

Now, from what I can tell, the cronut is a croissant disguised as a donut. A dosant, on the other hand, is a croissant that has been treated like a donut. Confused?

I obviously had to see for myself. Last Sunday, Katy, Austin and I met at the bottom of Heron Tower ready hungry for Sunday brunch. We whizzed up to the 40th floor, imagining how Charlie felt in the Great Glass Elevator and hoping we weren’t going to smash through the ceiling. We didn’t.

It was the first day of September and the views were awesome. Much better than the grey February day when I’d visited Duck & Waffle for a birthday lunch before cronuts or dosants had been invented.

Executive Chef Dan Doherty had been warned of our visit via twitter and despite not actually being in the kitchen on Sunday, arranged for dosants to be sent to our table on arrival. Just one example of the great service we received.

The small croissants were deep fried and rolled in sugar a la donut, then stuffed with lemon Chantelle cream and sprinkled with cocoa nibs. They were crispy yet soft and so delicious! I could have happily ordered another round but notepad chose to order the signature dish. Crispy duck leg confit and a fried duck egg on a waffle, served with a pot of mustard maple syrup – an unusual perfectly though out combination that just works. I don’t now why but it does.

After much deliberation, Katy ordered the Belgian waffles with lightly grilled bananas and homemade nutella from the sweet menu.

Austin chose the steak and eggs benedict – braised ox cheek on sourdough with a poached egg and hollandaise. Judging by the speed our plates were cleaned, I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed our meals!

I will definitely be returning to Duck & Waffle. The views of London are stunning and serve to further enhance food that we all agreed would taste pretty good just about anywhere. Perhaps next time I’ll try the intriguing fois gras all day breakfast with nutella or the duck egg en cocette, I’ll definitely be ordering dosants though.

The last dosant taken home in a wax sealed doggy bag
Graffiti covered bar
My most favourite London building, out there in the distance
Another shot of the signature Duck & Waffle. Just because.


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