Last week, thanks to Sarah-Ann, I finally got to the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.


The collection included artwork by the legendary Mexican artists and photographs taken of them individually and as a couple. It ignited intrigue about their life together and the Mexican revolution that served as a backdrop for much of their relationship.

I have added Hayden Herrera’s biography to my reading list, hoping to understand more.


An intertwining timeline of their lives ran along the walls, peppered with quotes both from and about these iconic figures and gave context to a somewhat peculiar love story. A story that started with a twenty year age gap, survived a series of lovers and two marriages (to each other), right through to the very end.


Although her iconic pose was an unblinking gaze, front-on to the camera, some of my favourite images were those of Frida looking away from the camera, as if caught unaware. In these she appeared softened, as though her guard was let down.

It is possibly no coincidence that many of these were taken by her lover, Nickolas Muray.


After taking in every inch of the Frida and Diego exhibition, we admired the Mexican souvenirs and picked up a couple of postcards. We wandered through to the entrance court where we grabbed a couple of glasses of wine to the sounds of a mariachi band! All part of the gallery’s Art After Dark series, it was the perfect way to combine a catch-up with a good friend with a strong dose of culture.



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