Another beautiful winter weekend in Sydney.

We stayed home on Friday night and binge-watched our latest obsession, The Killing. We ordered the most delicious burgers and sweet potato fries from Ze Pickle and tucked into the 1.5l tub of Messina that Oliver had surprised me with for dessert. Needless to say, the wedding diet hasn’t started yet!


Saturday morning we woke early and got coffees from our local spot before Oliver headed off to a tattoo appointment. His sleeve is almost complete with the addition of a couple of stunning roses representing his Nan & Pa.

I wandered over to the Pana Chocolate store in Rosebery to pick up some treats before making my way to the beach.



Allanah had just returned from a trip home to Yorkshire, so a typical Sydney Saturday of brunch and coastal walking was the perfect way to welcome her home.


We went to Eugene’s in Bronte – I ordered the black rice pudding with grilled pineapple and coconut yoghurt and Allanah had gravlax with beetroot and cauliflower salads.


The sun was shining and we still have so much to catch up on, so we walked along the coastal walk from Clovelly to Bondi. Part of the walkway is closed due to recent storms so we had the walk through (rather than past) Waverley Cemetery. The white of the gravestones was stunning against the blue sky.



The water was so incredibly blue.



We woke up on Sunday morning with a mission to get some coconut bread from bills. Oliver had mentioned a craving for it earlier in the week, and as it is one of my favourites, I was all for it. We took the Bourke Street route and admired the homes with their intricate ironwork and tiles.


Breakfast was Bill Granger’s famous scrambled eggs, gravlax and sourdough for me and granola for him…and a slice of toasted coconut bread to share for breakfast dessert!


Still plotting to get one of those pepper grinders!


We walked off breakfast exploring Crown Street’s record and book stores, but came home empty handed but very happy, plotting how we will spend Spring weekends that are just around the corner.



After quick stop at the travel agent to kick-start the honeymoon planning, we returned home for a nap and a couple more episodes of Linden and Holder.

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