Such an awesome weekend soaking up the very best of Sydney…we’ve barely sat down but I feel totally revitalised. Ocean air, sunshine on my skin, my favourite people. I am going to bed on Sunday night feeling pretty happy. Very happy.


 Friday was a taste of the weekend to come – the sun was shining and the promise of spending the evening celebrating Allanah’s birthday made for a giddy afternoon watching the clock. As soon 6pm rolled around, we hotfooted it to the Opera Bar to toast the birthday girl. There is surely nowhere better for bubbles at golden hour?



The day I arrived in Sydney in May 2015, Oliver & I made up for lost time and had our first date. After breakfast at The Grounds, he took me for a tour of some of the best spots Sydney has to offer, including Balmoral. I fell in love with the harbour beach with its locals-only vibe and have been wanting to return ever since.

On Saturday morning my wish came true and we headed over the bridge to meet Oliver’s parents for breakfast at The Boathouse. The wait for a table on the deck was well worth it as we sat in the sunshine catching up and dodging seagull poop!


Spot the gull deterrents!


I had the gigantic breakfast bowl of greens, avo and poached eggs with the most delicious miso dressing. So good!



So excited to be getting married at The Boathouse, Palm Beach. Those huge tubs of flowers are incredible, and the pineapples. Brilliant!



Walking off breakfast and letting Jasper (the dog) stretch his legs.





Mr Shawyer x2



After catching up with Tash in Centennial Park in the afternoon, I met Oliver and we headed to North Bondi. Archie & Poppy have recently moved and are lucky to have Shuk as their new local. After a couple of Aperols in the evening sun, we made the mistake of sending the boys to the shop for BBQ supplies…enough food for an army later and we were toasting some dubious flavoured marshmallows on the Weber!



Waking up and finding that my orchid had flowered, I felt like a kid at Christmas. Oliver (and his mum) have been teasing me for my black thumbs, he didn’t believe that with a bit of love and perseverance (and water and sunshine) they would come back to life. He is now eating his words and in awe of his magic wife-to-be! My succulents are pretty happy about the warm weather too and are multiplying. My gardening expert Lex will be proud.


I was super happy when Oliver suggested a walk to Paddington. I love a long weekend stroll, when I was living in London I would often walk until my legs wouldn’t go any further, turn around and get a tube home. I think it is the best way to clear my head while exploring the city, but it’s even better with company. We stopped to refuel and decided to keep going.


When we got to Bondi, we just kept on going until we were at the beginning of the coastal walk to Coogee. It was 30 degrees but blustery, so perhaps the best weather for my favourite walk.





A new beach has appeared recently. I have no idea why, the opposite of global warming perhaps? Declining water levels? No idea, but the locals have taken the opportunity to make it a dog beach before the council jump in and put signs up everywhere. We sat on the rocks and watched every kind of dog running around having the time of their lives climbing on the rocks and splashing in the surf. We really need to get one!


Just before our legs gave up and we reached our final destination, we stopped at Gordon’s Bay so I could have a swim. So refreshing!

The sun has just set, we’re eating homemade tahini coconut cookies while watching a crappy Zac Efron movie and I am very very happy. The salty air, vitamin D, long walks and talks with my love remind me of how lucky I am. We have some very exciting months ahead of us!



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