Yes yes I know, summer bodies are made in winter. Yet as the summer gets closer, the harder it has been to stick to any kind of fitness routine. You’d think our upcoming wedding would give me the motivation I need, but for some reason it hasn’t. It is almost a self-destructive pattern, the more pressure I feel to work out, the less I do.

Oliver has been hitting the gym every weekend and weeknight for the last couple of months, while I have been making it only a couple of times most weeks. He’s really been putting me to shame!

This last week though I seemed to have got my mojo back. Thank goodness! The positivity of last weekend spilled into the week and I got back into my groove. And I am feeling so much better for it.

Usually I try to get up and make it to class in the mornings before work, otherwise there is always an excuse not to go later in the day. Whether it be a last minute meeting which overlaps with a lunchtime class, or a next day deadline making me stay back at work just long enough. The more days I miss, the quicker those days turn to weeks and it’s a struggle to get back into it. Going in the morning also allows me to start the day on a positive, a moment for me.

My ‘fitness routine’ is mostly practicing yoga – hot vinyasa, yin, antigravity – Pilates and the odd barre class, although I am starting to incorporate some boxing after Oliver introduced me to the Ki-max classes he enjoys so much. After a week back into it, my body is the best kind of stiff and sore and I am so looking forward to getting up tomorrow to start the week the right way.

Funny how exercise has a way of doing that.

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