December has been good to us. Busy at work for the first few weeks but rewarded with ten whole days off to end the year. Last December we drove down to Adelaide to spend Christmas with family and then roadtripped back via the Great Ocean Road. It was an awesome adventure, but after an eventful year, we were very happy to have a staycation in Sydney to recoup and relax before our wedding festivities kick off in a few weeks.

We kicked off the month with a date at Moonlight Cinema eating cheese, drinking wine and watching the incredibly colourful Sydney sky. Snuggled on beanbags in Centennial Park, it would have been an awesome date even if we’d left before the movie (Suicide Squad) and the winds (gale force) began.



My in-laws sold the family home so have been busy packing up 28 years of memories. We have been given the very important task of looking after their vinyl collection while they enjoy their next adventure.


Our first Christmas together at home meant we got to decorate our very first Christmas tree. After debating putting it on the balcony to protect it from the cats, we decided, in the spirit of Christmas, to keep it inside. Four weeks on it has not fared well, we have a bowl full of broken baubles on the table but the furbabies have loved their oversized Christmas toy!


I’ve been trying to make the most of the summer by getting outside as much as possible, including walks to the beach via Centennial Parklands. I love a long walk, especially when rewarded by a view like this one of the city and they end in a dunk in the ocean.


Another walk and another view. Bronte Beach from the walk home.


A Friday night date to watch my dear, smart, funny friend Jen in her improv graduation show. So inspiring watching people put themselves out there and go with whatever happens, up there on stage in front of friends, family and strangers.


A brave, funny, talented bunch.


A man and his cat.


A man and his dog.


Spent a Sunday morning at a silent disco yoga class in Centennial Park with Tash. I love doing yoga outside, feeling the sun and the breeze on my skin helps me focus on my body and keeps my mind on the mat.



I’m pretty sure Bondi blue is an official Pantone colour.


The first of two work Christmas parties began with a boat ride across the harbour to Ripples, Chowder Bay. A stunning setting for an awesome celebratory lunch with co-workers that have become good friends this year. I am so thankful to have found my place in an awesome company with such wonderful people.


How quickly a blue sky can change to ominous clouds around here. The 30+ sweltering  heat unaffected.


The things you do for love. A very late date night to catch the midnight premier showing of Rogue One.


Wooden nutcrackers always make me think of my Dad, who snaps up just about every one he sees to go with his favourite sequinned walrus Christmas tree decoration!


Saturday morning brunch date at Brewtown Newtown. I had gazpacho and roasted cauliflower and didn’t stop banging on about it for hours. Days.


The most impressive baby shower spread for my dear friend Fina. So much deliciousness and hundreds of my favourite peonies.


The beautiful mama-to-be.


The scene of our second work Christmas lunch. This time at Pier One, Walsh Bay, peeking under the bridge.


A midweek date at The Potting Shed. Our go-to place for a just because treat or whenever we have something to celebrate.


Christmas Eve elf duties. Wrap wrap wrapping.


He was very happy with his acoustic guitar and I am very happy listening to him learning. It is wonderful having music in the house.


It was surprisingly easy to find a coffee shop open on Christmas morning. I guess there are plenty of Sydneysiders like us that need to get their fix 365 days a year! Caffeine-fuelled we headed up to Oliver’s parents for a very special last Christmas in their home.




Oliver’s sister Izzy got a cavoodle puppy for Christmas so we spent most of the day watching him running around like a fluffy little maniac and fighting for cuddles.


Oliver and our new furnephew Barney.


Presents for the puppies!


Christmas afternoon was spent alternating between napping and reading after an incredible feast. Each of us wrote a wish for every family member, put them in a box to be opened and shared. Such a thoughtful idea reminding us that this time of year is all about family and love.


Our second Christmas together and my last as a Miss.


Boxing Day is also my mother-in-laws birthday and this year it was an extra special one. We went for lunch  at Chiswick to celebrate with a roast lamb, the most amazing corn and plenty of champagne. I couldn’t help but come over all green eyed when I spotted their bountiful vegetable patch…maybe one day!



The holidays are made for being outside. And reading! I completed my 22nd book of the year on New Years Eve but I reckon the boy might beat me in 2017.


I have been very well behaved in the Boxing Day sales but did use a gift card from (secret) Santa to get a new top for dinner with Symo and Fina. Possibly the last time we’ll see them before their baby arrives in January.


We ended the year with a camping trip for two across the water from our wedding venue at The Basin.


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