jamielaurengem | Honeymoon Waikiki, Hawaii | Diamond Head Following the best couple of weeks in New York, walking an average of 20km per day and eating like King and Queen, we were both ready for a change of pace. Admittedly, I was also looking forward to a change of climate!

Having sat securely at the top of my travel wishlist for as long as I can remember, I was super excited that we had planned a few days in Hawaii on our way home to Sydney.

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IMG_0393 We spent a couple of days after our wedding soaking up the last moments with our families before saying goodbye. Although I always hate goodbyes, this time felt different since we were all still on a high from the celebrations. We’re also planning a trip back to the UK at the end of the year and it certainly seems to help having a date in the diary for the next visit.

Another big thing keeping us from feeling too sad was that we were due to fly to the states for our honeymoon!

In contrast to the relative ease of choosing a wedding venue, we struggled to decide on a honeymoon location. There were just so many places on our collective list and we toyed with them all over the course of last winter:

A multi-city Japanese adventure was at the top of our list and although we kept returning to the idea, it felt like the kind of trip we would need to be full of energy for, which we didn’t expect to be after the excitement of the few weeks proceeding our wedding.

We dreamed of an island getaway to Tahiti but quickly realised that we could probably only manage a few days of dreaming before we got itchy feet. We are city people at heart and our ideal honeymoon would include our morning ritual of getting coffee together.

As gelato fans the Amalfi Coast was obviously in the running, but it was important to both of us that we jet off straight after the wedding in early March – a little too early in the season to get the full experience.

After months of deliberating, the decision was surprisingly easy when the right place came to mind. Oliver and his brother were visiting their grandparents in Adelaide when he text me after watching the movie Sully that he couldn’t wait to visit New York together one day. As a favourite place of both of ours, but one we had not yet had the chance to explore together, it was suddenly the obvious choice and we were sold. Although March is technically the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, we knew it would be pretty chilly so decided to tack on a few days in Hawaii on the way home to warm up.

Other than being one of the best cities in the world, New York proved to be a no-stress honeymoon option; once our flights and accommodation were booked we didn’t need to plan a thing more. Certainly a benefit when also wedding planning!

So with that, we boarded our flight as newlyweds. Destination: New York City

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