jamielaurengem | Our wedding day

Our wedding photos arrived last week and I haven’t stopped looking through them and revisiting the most incredible day. Far from post-wedding blues, I am still wrapped up on cloud nine, reliving a day that far surpassed my wildest dreams.

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I got my very first Mothers Day card this weekend. I burst into tears the minute I opened it, in bed with my husband and our kittens, with our 26 weeks old bump wriggly around in my belly. This pregnancy is going so fast and I am loving every minute, I want to remember every moment; every kick and every flutter.

At 26 weeks…

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Following an eventful couple of months, I suppose I should have spent April suffering from some degree of post-wedding blues, but with so many happy memories to relive, and much to look forward to, there’s not much to be blue about. I won’t pretend that returning to work didn’t take a few days (a week) to get back into, but even that didn’t bring me down.

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