Following an eventful couple of months, I suppose I should have spent April suffering from some degree of post-wedding blues, but with so many happy memories to relive, and much to look forward to, there’s not much to be blue about. I won’t pretend that returning to work didn’t take a few days (a week) to get back into, but even that didn’t bring me down.

After five years at his previous agency, Oli started a new job. Watching him rediscover his passion has been wonderful, his excitement and enthusiasm for new challenges and opportunities inspiring. We both embraced the new start as a reset button and an opportunity to set some new habits in preparation for our next adventure. Having both read Adam Alter’s Irresistible whilst on honeymoon, we were keen to implement some house rules around our iPhone and internet usage and after a couple of months of indulgence, we were both eager to get back into a fitness routine – both having had a positive impact in the space of just a month.

It certainly hasn’t been a case of all work and no fun though with visits from friends from afar, date nights and no less that three public holidays, April proved to be the continuation of a very special year.


A favourite childhood movie, I was excited to see the new Beauty and the Beast and am delighted to say it didn’t disappoint. I’ve heard that married couples can end up looking alike or picking up each other’s mannerisms over the course of their lives, this phenomenon may have started early with us, as we accidentally went out wearing the same blue jeans and white sneaker combo!


For Lorraine’s 30th birthday, we surprised her with a picnic on the harbour. We hired a small boat from Rose Bay and having received a quick sailing 101, we ventured out across the harbour dodging ferries, racing yachts and landing sea planes. Finding a quiet and beautiful away from the traffic, we expertly dropped anchor in Chowder Bay to pop the champagne and jump in for a swim. It was a special afternoon, celebrating a very special friend and enjoying our adopted city from another new perspective.

As we soaked up the last moments of the day, watching the sun dropping over the water, it felt like we had been gifted one last of summer sunset.



Autumn made itself known as the month progressed. Despite plenty of mild sunny days, the later sunrises, colder mornings and pretty sunsets viewed from the office proved that winter is on its way.

Easter certainly helped the transition from holiday mode to real life giving us a long weekend and short working weeks.

Two of my oldest friends, Sarah + Callum, were over from Bangkok to road trip between Melbourne and Sydney and we were honoured that they stopped off for a visit. Having known Callum since middle school and Sarah since we were girl guides, it was awesome to introduce them to my new home and my husband. I hadn’t seen them for three years, but like all good friendships, it was as if no time had passed. Of course we had to take them to The Grounds and Messina, a tradition we well and truly cemented with our guests in February.

We’ve come a long way since terrorising guide camp, although I don’t think we’ll ever not be mischievous preteens at heart!

IMG_0899IMG_0897IMG_0978IMG_0902Oli + I drove had a little road trip of our own over the weekend, driving down to Canberra to watch Port Adelaide play GWS at Canberra Oval. We met Izzy + Steve for lunch and watched part of the game lying on the grass next to the pitch, but the drive itself was possibly my favourite bit of the day.



Trying to kerb my technology addiction has led me to spend more time reading, which can only be a good thing. I read Stephanie Danler’s Sweetbitter and was totally absorbed by Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, which I would absolutely recommend. I know that a Kindle counts as technology, but I try only to buy print versions of books I know I will refer to again and again, otherwise our apartment would very quickly become a library!IMG_0960

We had another visitor later in the month, our good friend Martin came to stay for a while at the start of a great adventure. He visited in 2015 and as I was away working in Melbourne a lot at the time, he and Oli became close and like to refer to each other as flatmates!

This time, he returned with very happy news of love and a new outlook on life. In the short time he was staying, he inspired us both to continue with our meditation practice, pause and breathe, something that will serve us well in the coming months.



The last weekend of the month was spent enjoying a farewell dinner to Martin at The Potting Shed. Tash joined us and we spent a wonderful evening enjoying the most delicious steak (apologies to vegetarian Martin) and laughing a lot.

We ventured to Bondi for brunch at Shuk with our good friends Archie + Pops, catching up with them for the first time since our wedding day. I was very happy with my order of green shakshuka made with kale, zucchini and garlicky onions.

After brunch we relaxed (napped) in Centennial Park and watched Martin join his old football team for a match before he left for the next part of his adventure.

The perfect weekend.


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