Two years ago today I landed in Sydney to start a new life with the man that had captured my heart just 10 weeks before.

I had loved my London life. I lived with a friend (actually a few over the course of the lease) in a flat in Stoke Newington, had a job I enjoyed at a company I was passionate about and had a very active social life. I spent my evenings catching up with friends working our way through an never-ending list of must-try new restaurant openings. Weekends were for long walks discovering areas I hadn’t yet explored or trips home to Dorset for treasured family time. I was always on the go, busy trying to cram everything in. It was exhausting!

Moving to Sydney was a whole new beginning for me, leaving behind the single life of a twenty-something and welcoming a new pace. I truly haven’t looked back.

Reflecting on the weeks before and the months that followed, I remember never doubting that it was the right decision. The goodbyes were difficult but I was so excited to get on that plane that the tears were filled with gratitude that I had such wonderful people in my life, supporting me as I followed my heart.

Despite forgoing the usual few months of dating in favour of moving in with each other straight away, we adapted to living together quickly. Oli made space for me in his apartment and his life, and combining our lives never felt like the huge adjustment that it was for both of us. At the risk of sounding cliche, for me it was a case of when I knew I had met the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I wanted the rest of my life to begin right away.

The last two years have been the best, and most eventful, of my life so far; getting engaged to, marrying and now expecting our first baby with the most incredible man; overseas trips to Europe, Asia and the States, road trips to Adelaide, the Great Ocean Road and Canberra; adventures closer to home in the Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley and around New South Wales; much-loved visits from family and friends; new friendships, new families and two kittens who I now call my own.

I know there is quite the adventure ahead. There’s no doubt the next two years will be full of even bigger life changes. And I cannot wait.

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