I got my very first Mothers Day card this weekend. I burst into tears the minute I opened it, in bed with my husband and our kittens, with our 26 weeks old bump wriggly around in my belly. This pregnancy is going so fast and I am loving every minute, I want to remember every moment; every kick and every flutter.

At 26 weeks…


As the sonographers commented on both of our scans, baby is very active! The kicks are becoming stronger and it’s fun trying to imagine what he* is doing in there. Oli can feel lots of movement on those nights when I am asleep before him, but for now I am still sleeping through even the hardest of thuds.

I can almost set my watch by baby waking up at 4pm during the week, which I assume means he is sick of work and ready to home – just a couple more hours kiddo!
I am mostly feeling really well and have skipped lots of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, including morning sickness. My back gets sore as the day progresses but given how quickly my bump has grown in the last couple of months, that it to be expected. I’ve had heartburn this week, which my mum tells me is due to us having short bodies!
Luckily the first trimester craving for McDonald’s breakfasts has gone (who was I?!) and it has been replaced with a new love for sourdough toast with salted butter and cherry jam. This one I am happy to give in to, just not every day.
I’m working out early every morning and keeping motivated by adding a mix of resistance training, swimming and aqua fit classes to my usual Pilates.
My wardrobe is getting pretty limited and non-maternity clothes that I thought might be wearable for a while longer are already too short to cover my bump. Thankfully I invested in a couple of pairs of maternity jeans while we were in New York and they are possibly the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned.
As an avid reader my instinct is to read every book recommended to me, but I also know I need to trust my instincts and not get bogged down by conflicting advice. I read a book recently called Stop Reading Baby Books that was passed on to me by my good friend and new mama Sarah-Ann, which had a hilarious take on parenting advice and put some things into perspective early on. My aim is to read the odd book, focusing on the parts that resonate with me but ultimately, waiting until our baby arrives when no doubt, all expectations will be thrown away. For now, reading feels like preparing, which helps me feel confident.
Seeing whether the old wives’ tale about heartburn being caused by baby’s full head of hair is true. Particularly because I was born with lots of long black hair!
Tying my shoes laces and painting my toenails is already a struggle with bump in the way!

*we aren’t finding out the sex but I have had a strong feeling since the beginning that we are having a boy. I prefer to refer to the baby as ‘he’ rather than ‘it’, but sometimes throw in the odd ‘she’ – just in case!

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