Sydney just didn’t know whether it was autumn or spring this month.

As the second trimester of my pregnancy drew to an end, my belly continued to grow and I kept up my regular gym sessions, albeit modified.  IMG_1079

Eyeing up this beautiful old Beetle. One day, maybe.IMG_1089

Honouring tradition, we went on a pre-work breakfast date to kick off Oli’s birthday. This year we chose Paramount Coffee Company in Surry Hills and I couldn’t resist picking up an extra Shortstop donut to take back to the office.IMG_1100IMG_1097

A work team lunch at Long Chim. Delicious but most of the (pregnancy appropriate) dishes we chose were a little too fiery for me. IMG_1098

Weekends spent exploring our new favourite Sydney Park. Such awesome landscaping, so many dogs to admire and the most incredible view from the top of the hill. IMG_1103IMG_1105

IMG_1107To make room for our new view vehicle (a stroller), Oli has decided to sell his motorbikes. IMG_1114IMG_1116

My first almost Mother’s Day and I woke up to a card from Blueberry. I’m not even sure I could blame the pregnancy hormones for the tears, I’m just a big pink heart.IMG_1117

To celebrate Oli’s birthday with his sisters and their partners, we tried out a new to us breakfast spot in Alexandria – Bread and Circus. I couldn’t resist the flourless pancakes, I will blame the baby for my menu choices. And the pink crockery was very 2017.IMG_1125Oli ran his first half marathon this month and I got up early to see him off at the start line in Hyde Park. Spying pink petals on trees made me feel very springlike, while in the same view other trees were turning golden for autumn.

It was a beautiful morning as I ran around the city hoping to catch a glimpse and cheer him on, and a very proud moment cheering him across the finish line. It was only when we got home exhausted that I realised how much ground I had covered myself, not quite a half marathon but not bad considering my growing bump.IMG_1153


Weekend breakfast at Mecca in Alexandria.

IMG_1208Another weekend stroll around Sydney Park. Chatting about how our lives will change in a few months and making a pact to get out for a family walk every weekend. So good for the body, mind and soul.IMG_1210IMG_1213

I’m allowing myself one small weak coffee per day. Sometimes herbal tea or a turmeric latte just doesn’t cut it when the craving for a hot drink hits in the afternoon, but the occasional hot coconut chocolate seems to do the trick.  IMG_1219

Blueberry received a package from Grand Allen this month. All the Crystal Palace gear a newborn could need for the 2017/18 season!IMG_1225

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