Our baby boy is one month old.

He still seems so new, and yet, as if he has always been here. His arrival feels so recent, and yet, I can barely remember what life was like before him.

The last 31 days have been a whirlwind of the very best kind. Challenging at times of course, but so wonderful. A bubble of figuring out this parenting thing, learning to trust our instincts and getting to know our son.


It’s been a month full of firsts. First bath, first wee fountain, first trip in the baby carrier, first brunch, first train ride, first outing to the city.


Some of the best memories of the first month have been introducing Hudson to our family and friends.

My mum and Roy flew over from the UK when he was one week old, fresh and new. Although I was still finding my feet as a brand new mother, having my own mum here made me more grateful than ever for our relationship.

Seeing the joy that a new baby brings to everybody around us has been so special and knowing that he has so many people around him that love him so much already is wonderful.


Getting to know Hudson and finding myself as a mama, I feel like I am just at the beginning of the most incredible adventure. As much as I tried, nothing could have prepared me for this new life and change of pace. The biggest adjustment is spending so much time sitting and feeding.


When Hudson was two weeks old I accidentally hijacked Oli’s first Father’s Day when I was hospitalised with a nasty bout of mastitis. Having felt superhuman following his birth, it was a huge knock to my confidence. Ultimately a big lesson is taking care of myself and listening to my own body, since I can’t be the best mama to my boy if I am sick.


Hudson’s current favourites are pretty simple right now – milk and cuddles. His favourite places to nap are on me or his papa, and I am very happy to accommodate as watching his tiny sleeping body is the probably my favourite thing. That and his delicious newborn baby smell.


His windy sleepy faces give me a glimpse of his smile. It’s exciting to think that we might get to see his real smile in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Thank you both for letting us share your first weeks with baby Hudson, memories we will cherish forever. Love mum and Roy xx

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