September passed in that new baby blur. Life slowed down and sped up all at once.

With visits from Hudson’s grandparents from the UK and Adelaide, uncle Tay from the States, a hospital stay and a half marathon, as well as countless nappies and limitless cuddles, it was a big month.

Hudson arrived in time for Father’s Day so we were excited to celebrate Oli’s first. With Oli’s dad and Roy also in Sydney, we had a family picnic for the triple celebration.

Hudson’s Aussie aunts gave me a glimpse of the mischief they will get into when they skipped off around the park with my sleeping boy in his stroller. It brought back memories of the silliness I have had with my own nephew and I’m excited to see his relationships with his crazy aunts Izzy and Dana develop, as well as introduce him to his other aunts and uncles.


Unfortunately I hijacked the festivities when I was diagnosed with mastitis and the three of us spent our first overnight trip back at the hospital.IMG_0324

Finding time to prepare food for myself has been a bit of a struggle with this sweet boy in my arms most of the time. Luckily Oli has been making my breakfast each day to ensure I eat.


We have been going to our new local cafe Portman most Saturdays. Mostly for their incredible sweet smokey Tocino bacon and egg rolls that may or may not have been responsible for starting my labour!

Saying goodbye to Mum and Roy was sad as always, but we are planning a trip back to the UK in December and hopefully we will be well into the swing of this new life and Hudson will be lots of fun.


Trying to make sure this fast growing boy gets plenty of wear out of all his gorgeous clothes that he received as gifts. His yellow cardigan was knitted by my Nanny Ivy so is ultra special.


We went on our first mother-son public transport trip to Circular Quay very early one Sunday morning to cheer on Oli and Izzy in their half marathon.

After a post-race breakfast we stayed out for most of the day, wandering through the Botanic Gardens and enjoying the beer garden at The Tilbury with friends Archie, Poppy and Crowder.


Oli’s older brother and Hudson’s Uncle Tay flew over from San Diego for a quick visit. As ever, it was awesome having him around and sad to say goodbye. Another excuse to take Hudson to Southern California, as if we needed one.


The most stunning Sunday sunset from Henley where we said goodbye and good luck to one of Oli’s best friends, who moved to New Zealand this month. Oli and I have often spoken about a family roadtrip over there, so we really need to make that a reality now we have Webi to visit too.

So many places to take this little boy of ours!


A completely unexpected perk of motherhood is having an excuse to go on the swings at the park! The motion helps the baby sleep and sometimes I just need to kill time out and about since Hudson seems to wake up the minute we get anywhere near home.IMG_0649

Playing Playstation with his papa already.


And of course watching (or not watching) the AFL Grand Final. Unfortunately Port Adelaide didn’t make it this year, but Hudson has all his gear ready for next season.


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