Today was one of those Sundays that feels exactly like a Sunday should. Exactly like an autumn Sunday should.

After picking up a couple of to go coffees for the journey, we drove (our third new car in two years – yikes) to the opposite side of the city and up into the hills. The road is steep but familiar, and we reminisced about the last time we travelled this route, in October when Hudson was just six weeks old and we road tripped from Sydney to Adelaide and home again.

Seven months on and now Adelaide is our home and this route is no longer the beginning of a two day journey, but just a short morning drive.

Mount Lofty was our destination today. Despite the clouds, the summit provided a stunning view of the city below, stretching out to the ocean just beyond it. After a few weeks packing up our things, moving interstate and subsequently unpacking and furnishing our house, I have started to feel more settled in the last few days and the cold autumn air certainly helped to clear any residual fog. Looking down on Adelaide, starting a new life here seemed less overwhelming than it had and I felt more certain than ever that it is the right place for our family.


It was pretty cold at the top so we didn’t stick around for too long and instead found relative shelter in the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden. To say that the trails that we followed (or rather, accidentally found ourselves on) were not stroller-friendly would be an understatement, but Hudson didn’t seem remotely phased by his off roading adventure.

The autumn leaves were just incredible – reds, pinks, oranges, yellows – exactly as I imagine when my mum speaks of the time we spent in Boston when I was small. After a Sydney summer that felt like it would never end, it seems that the sudden arrival of autumn coincided precisely with our move. Despite a distinct lack of knitwear in my closet, it is a very welcome sight.

After what we had intended as a leisurely walk turned into more of a hike, we agreed to stop at the next suitable place to refuel. Happily ‘the next suitable place’ turned out to be The Chafers Hotel, the most perfect spot for Sunday lunch on a cold Sunday. With log fires burning and a menu of dreams, we opted for hot chocolate (for me), a glass of local cab sav (for him) and baked brie to share. Since I can’t eat anything these days without a little hand grabbing for some I offered Hudson a pickle, which he chomped on enthusiastically, much to my surprise, before he fell asleep for our short drive home.

A perfect autumn Sunday.



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