40 IN, 40 OUT


I lost track of Hudson’s age in weeks when we hit double figures, however, this week after a particularly challenging night, I checked when to expect his next age-related developmental ‘leap’ and realised that today marks exactly forty weeks since I gave birth. Since he arrived promptly on his due date, it means that as of today, we have been watching him grow outside in this world for as long as he grew in my tummy. And it feels like if I sit still and concentrate for long enough, I could actually see him get a little bigger, and a little smarter, before my eyes.

Yesterday he sat himself up by himself. Being a commando crawler, rather than a ‘proper’ all-fours crawler, it takes a bit of choreography but he figured it out. Already it is as if he has always known how.

His favourite song is Pat-a-Cake, or maybe Five Little Ducks, although he beams from ear to ear when I sing an adapted version of The Beatles’ She Loves You – “I love you yeah yeah yeah”.

Perhaps I could have foreseen his love of baked goods given how many pains au chocolat I ate when I was pregnant (and in the first few months of his life if I’m honest). Now I choose my breakfast order to share. Less chocolate, more pancakes. And scrambled eggs, he loves his mamas scrambled eggs.

He looks for every opportunity to dive head first into the cats’ bowls. Fortunately, in our house the Whiskers barely touches the bottom of the bowl before it is devoured by his feline friends.

We’re working on sleeping. The less said about that the better.

My laundry assistant watches the washing machine like others watch the television, he plays with clothes pegs with as much enthusiasm as any of his toys. Small but mighty, he drags the full airer around the room. He does have toys of his own I promise.

Every time I catch a glimpse of his usually hidden four top teeth, I also glimpse the toddler that he is rapidly becoming. Maybe I should start counting the weeks again, since it is only weeks until my baby boy is no longer a baby.

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