40 IN, 40 OUT


I lost track of Hudson’s age in weeks when we hit double figures, however, this week after a particularly challenging night, I checked when to expect his next age-related developmental ‘leap’ and realised that today marks exactly forty weeks since I gave birth. Since he arrived promptly on his due date, it means that as of today, we have been watching him grow outside in this world for as long as he grew in my tummy. And it feels like if I sit still and concentrate for long enough, I could actually see him get a little bigger, and a little smarter, before my eyes.

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Our baby boy is one month old.

He still seems so new, and yet, as if he has always been here. His arrival feels so recent, and yet, I can barely remember what life was like before him.

The last 31 days have been a whirlwind of the very best kind. Challenging at times of course, but so wonderful. A bubble of figuring out this parenting thing, learning to trust our instincts and getting to know our son.

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