jamielaurengem | Honeymoon Waikiki, Hawaii | Diamond Head Following the best couple of weeks in New York, walking an average of 20km per day and eating like King and Queen, we were both ready for a change of pace. Admittedly, I was also looking forward to a change of climate!

Having sat securely at the top of my travel wishlist for as long as I can remember, I was super excited that we had planned a few days in Hawaii on our way home to Sydney.

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December has been good to us. Busy at work for the first few weeks but rewarded with ten whole days off to end the year. Last December we drove down to Adelaide to spend Christmas with family and then roadtripped back via the Great Ocean Road. It was an awesome adventure, but after an eventful year, we were very happy to have a staycation in Sydney to recoup and relax before our wedding festivities kick off in a few weeks.

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October ends with me feeling sorry for myself after having my wisdom teeth extracted a few days ago. The procedure itself went well; I think I had heard so many horror stories about broken jaws and purple bruised faces that I was pleasantly surprised when I came around. That was until the general anaesthetic wore off and my body decided to punish me. Five days since I ate solid food and the hanger is palpable.

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